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01 Dec 2020

MLRO 3-Day Virtual Masterclass

MLRO masterclass

Understand exactly how to reflect AML, CFT & POCA legal requirements with appropriate, robust procedures and practices.


Delivered by iGaming Academy


What: Understand exactly how to reflect AML, CFT & POCA legal requirements with appropriate, robust procedures and practices within your organisation at all levels. A detailed 15-hour 3-day session with case studies, practical exercises, and direct action points that will help keep your organisation compliant and its employees and customers safe.

In this course, students will learn what fraud is, how to profile the cybercriminal and their motives, identifying suspicious activity, red flags and how to prevent them. There will also be an introduction to chargebacks, the management of RFI’s, the detection and prevention of Bonus abuse, and identification of specific fraudulent activity for Casino, Sportsbook or Poker verticals.


  • DAY 1
    1: Legislation & Regulation – Anti-Money Laundering, Counter-Terrorist Financing and Proceeds of Crime.
    2: Corporate Responsibility – Officers, Policies & Penalties.
    3: Corporate Structure – Board Approval Staff, Staff Probity, Internal Audit and Reporting.
    4: Case Studies.
    5: Risk, Revenue, Reputation.

    DAY 2
    1: Corporate Structure – Internal Structures, Teams, Training and Accountability.
    2: Business and Customer Risk Assessments – Customer, Product, Service, Transaction, Interface and Geography.
    3: Due diligence, enhanced due diligence and source of funds and wealth.
    4: Reporting and Record-keeping.
    5: Practical exercise – launder money through your site.

    DAY 3
    1: Developing the Company Policy.
    2: Building a Risk Assessment.
    3: Training, knowledge and awareness programmes.
    4: SARs logs and reporting and record-keeping.
    5: Re-cap and Audit functions.

Who: Nominated MLROs, as well as C-Level executives, board members, decision makers and compliance and risk professionals.

When: From 9am GMT / 10am CET on three days:

  • Day 1: Tuesday, 1 December
  • Day 2: Wednesday, 2 December
  • Day 3: Thursday, 3 December



Duration: 4 hours per day

Location: From your laptop!

Price: 950€* - book your place today


* Plus applicable taxes.

Note: this virtual classroom is published in collaboration with our partner, iGaming Academy. The above link will take you to iGaming Academy to complete your signing up for this Virtual Classroom session.

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