Virtual Classrooms

Virtual Classrooms

  • Virtual Betting






    Join us on this free session for a whistle-stop tour of the world of virtual betting, how it works, and who does what.

  • Affiliate Management & Strategy






    This course is principally for Affiliate Executives, Affiliate Managers and Heads of Affiliates looking to explore new strategies to optimise affiliate programme operations.

  • Responsible Gaming






    The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many challenges to the Gaming industry - tackle them with Responsible Gaming protocols.

  • Casino marketing






    We will show you how casinos all over the world are trying to keep in contact, some with more success than others.

  • Operational Fraud Management

    28 Sep 2020 Virtual Classroom

    Operational Fraud Management





    Learn about fraud prevention, detection and management strategies, a critical part of any iGaming or online gambling operation.

  • Introduction to Lottery

    29 Sep 2020 Virtual Classroom

    Lottery Management






    Introduction to lottery will provide a fast track insight into this world, giving you all
    the key information and insight you need to work within this important market.

  • Award in iGaming – MQF Level 4

    30 Sep 2020 Virtual Classroom

    Award in iGaming – MQF Level 4





    Understand the iGaming industry and boost your career prospects with this fully accredited MQF Level 4 Award

  • Gaming floor design in the post-COVID-19 era





    Discover and discuss the options operations have to actually come out ahead from the COVID-19-restrictions

  • Introduction to iGaming

    30 Sep 2020 Virtual Classroom

     Introduction to iGaming






    Gain a comprehensive and practical overview of the iGaming industry with this all-encompassing course.


  • VIP Management





    Join us on this free session to discover the world of VIP management in the 21st century.

  • Practical KYC

    12 Oct 2020 Virtual Classroom

     Practical KYC





    Learn the steps and processes required for understanding who your customer is with our Practical KYC training.

  • Player Profiles And Their Relevance To The Extended Marketing Mix For The Services Industry






    The Casino Customer does not exist! There are at least seven different categories of casino visitors, each with their own specific expectations and motivations...

  • Responsible Gaming & AML

    20 Oct 2020 Virtual Classroom

    The Customer Compliance Trinity






    Two inter-connected sessions looking at the practicalities of customer compliance: the what, why, when, who and how operators can maximise existing teams, tools and resources.

  • Anti-Fraud & Payments Handling

    02 Nov 2020 Virtual Classroom







    Learn how to combat online fraud and other financial crime by taking our course on anti-fraud and payments handling

  • Sportsbook & Virtual Sports Masterclass

    02 Nov 2020 Virtual Classroom

    Sportsbook & Virtual Sports






    Understand what it takes to succeed in sports betting. This virtual course covers strategies, operational factors and business models, as well as practical industry guidance. 

  • Online Game Development

    04 Nov 2020 Virtual Classroom

    Rapid Game Design





    The current climate lends itself to the quick development and launch of games, but this must be balanced against regulatory requirements and sensitivity in themes and content.

  • Online Gaming Virtual Masterclass

    09 Nov 2020 Virtual Classroom

    Online Gaming






    Get a complete understanding of online gaming and gambling with this expansive virtual masterclass. Everything you need to know about the business of online gaming. 

  • Casino Marketing for the Next 18 Months

    09 Nov 2020 Virtual Classroom

    Casino marketing






    The impact of COVID-19 means that all people and businesses now have to adapt - including your Casino Marketing - find out how

  • Digital Marketing

    09 Nov 2020 Virtual Classroom

    Digital marketing





    Discover how digital marketing techniques can reach new customers and generate business online.

  • Operational Optimisation on Table Games

    17 Nov 2020 Virtual Classroom

    Operational Optimisation on Table Games






    Grasp not only how to manage table games areas, but all the processes that drive a successful gaming operation

  • Optimising VIP Management

    01 Dec 2020 Virtual Classroom

    VIP Management






    50% of your earnings come from a very limited group of players.

  • Blockchain 101

    09 Dec 2020 Virtual Classroom

    Blockchain 101






    Expand your understanding of blockchain technology and its multiple uses

  • Business Analytics

    14 Dec 2020 Virtual Classroom

    Business Analytics





    Get an insight into gaming customer trends with the ability to analyse and interpret data. 

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