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    "A perfect catch up and step out of daily operations, focussing on the core influences to a successful casino business, brought in a vivid 4-day course by a true iGaming genius. Congratulations!"

    Tim De Borle, Napoleon Games

  • "The Online Gaming Masterclass is the perfect opportunity to gain a 360 view of the online casino industry"

    Fabio Polimeni, WECED

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    "Igor is someone with enough energy to power a small country, and the most impressive trait about him is that he's an expert in every field he touches"

    Megan Easey, Betsson

  • "A very exciting experience! The Online Gaming Masterclass has opened a whole new world for me."

    Luca Gamberti, WECED

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    "A hands-on class covering the key areas of managing an online casino."

    Jeremy Pollock, Spectrum