Since 2007, we have successfully built up a wide range of extremely satisfied clients, but don’t take our word for it! Please see our client testimonials below.

  • 888 holdings

    "Technology is evolving so rapidly and knowing which technologies will have most impact, and how to be prepared and profit from them is a minefield! Chris and his team of experts have the knowledge and a clear way of explaining which will help any business to understand the opportunities and threats from new technology. You will feel confident about which technologies to focus on and how to start. I highly recommend anyone serious about wishing to remain competitive in the gaming industry to attend this course."

    Brian Mattingley, Chairman, 888 Holdings

  • "Lee has a great reputation for creating, leading and managing successful sportsbook operations, which is why we engaged him to help us. His expert advice, knowledge of the industry and practical assistance, was invaluable when we launched sportsbet.io in time for EURO 2016."

    Tim Heath, CEO, CoinGaming.io

    Coin Gaming.io
  • EasiGames

    "Tom’s vast knowledge of the affiliate industry is remarkable and this was displayed time and time again during the course. The course itself was very comprehensive, going through all aspects of running a successful affiliate programme. Tom took into account the relatively small nature of our business and we used the detailed accompanying notes as building blocks for our affiliate programme and reference them to this day. His course greatly helped in achieving a good return on our investment."

    Chris Reid. Casino Affiliate Manager, EasiGames

  • "I believe Ashley has his own private data warehouse and business analytics team crammed into his head. His experience and stellar insight make him truly unique."

    Christian Bogstrand, CEO and Head of Gaming, Bet365

  • Luckia Games

    "The training we have received from the Totally Gaming Academy has been inspirational. The trainings delivered in-depth knowledge through an energising learning experience that we can mostly implement into our daily operations. The outstanding experience we received at the open courses lead to us to contract for an in-house training course, which didn’t disappoint. We will continue to use the Totally Gaming Academy as an integral part of our development strategy and couldn’t recommend their services higher.”

    Alfonso Sánchez, Casino Director, Luckia Games

  • "It is easy to get lost in an ever changing, player centric industry. I needed to wrap my head around industry demands while still keeping that essential player perspective.Totally Gaming Academy did just that: widening my views with valuable information from speakers with tons of hands on experience, peering with creative people that drive the industry forward, sharing ideas and concepts and learning about all the different approaches.

    As Head of Games with iSoftBet, along with several other company key staff members, the Totally Gaming Academy courses are an essential source of knowledge that we are always happy to come back to."

    Alex Popescu, Head of Games, iSoftbet

  • Swiss Casinos

    “It can be a struggle to find a superior, unbiased training provider that has the facility to run the variety of training programmes we require, whilst meeting the needs of all our individuals. That is until we found the Totally Gaming Academy. Their high quality, professional approach to training has wowed myself and several colleagues and we have found the courses enjoyable and unique, with the trainers always willing to go that bit further to meet our needs. We look forward to use the Totally Gaming Academy as a part of our development strategy.”

    Martin Vogel, Marketing and Communications Director, Swiss Casinos.

  • “I have attended many courses and conferences in the past and I must confess that I was little bit skeptical. Usually at conferences, I am happy to come away having learnt one new thing and I will remain forever grateful to the Online Gaming Masterclass for teaching me much more than one new thing! I was also really surprised about how energetic and professional the course was. I sincerely recommend anyone who is serious about the online gaming business to attend!”

    Martin Cagalinec, CEO, 1SpinMillionaire

  • Greentube

    "One of the crucial elements of a company’s success is employing people that are not only invested, but also have broad knowledge in key market areas. By closely collaborating with the Totally Gaming Academy we have found the right instruments for delivering such expertise. The flexibility and tailored content of the training courses and the vast knowledge of the trainers are a cornerstone of our future success in the market and we value them as an important partner in our strategic endeavours."

    Georg Gubo, CTO, Greentube

  • A very interesting course, giving a great overview of what is needed for casino marketing to work more effectively

    Nulagh Kavanagh, Casino Marketing Executive, Hippodrome Casino

    Hippodrome Casino
  • CasinoFlex Systems

    Minze has a comprehensive understanding of the casino industry and is an expert at ensuring maximum productivity and profitability through analysis and review of casino operations, in an often fast-paced setting.
    His knowledge regarding creating effective customer satisfaction and staff management is second to none.

    Tim Klok, Founder and Business Development Manager, CasinoFlex Systems

  • The course provided invaluable insights which will allow us to move forward with our venture!

    Nick Porter, Managing Director, 1x Games

    1X Games
  • Napoleon Games

    A very well organised course that gave me the opportunity to learn and develop my skills in previously non-explored areas.

    Nico Clauwaert, Sportsbook Manager, Napoleon Games

  • A great experience with lots of interesting insights and topics.

    Lukas Winterschladen, Business Development Manager, Genera Networks

    Genera Networks
  • Gambling Commission

    An excellent overview of the lottery landscape from an extremely enthusiastic and knowledgable trainer.

    Matt Webster, Insight Manager, Gambling Commission

  • A wonderful course with great content and presenter.

    Wayne Ratcliffe, CEO, DK Group

  • Swiss Casinos

    Arjan is a king in explaining how to build the right content for casino marketing. Using what I have learned from the Masterclass I have created and implemented a new marketing communication plan for Swiss Casinos group - it's been great!

    Martin Vogel, Marketing and Communications Director, Swiss Casinos.

  • The course fulfilled and went way over my expectations and now I’m getting worried: I hope as few casinos as possible will attend Lucien’s course or else the competition is going to get really tough!

    Pascal Lavagna, Finance Manager, SBM Monte Carlo

    SBM Monte Carlo
  • Holland Casinos

    I have worked many times in different positions across the world with Minze. I was first impressed by Minze’s work when I was Director of Holland Casino where Minze proved himself to be an experienced professional with a special intuitive way of dealing with the games, players and staff!

    Ben van Vliet, Director of Holland Casinos