Table Games Academy

Welcome to the Table Games Academy, designed by Robert Brassai in conjunction with the Totally Gaming Academy.

Table games have featured in casinos since 1638, and remain an integral part of casino floors to this day. With customer expectations rapidly changing, especially with new technologies introduced, it is crucial for landbased casinos and gaming establishments to thoroughly understand the mechanics behind table games, and how to stay ahead of future trends.

The Table Games Academy has been crafted to give those managing the gaming floors the chance to immerse themselves in two days of interactive table games learning to truly grasp not only how to manage table games areas, but all the processes, mathematics and skills behind a successful gaming operation. We look forward to welcoming you.


Course dates:

6th - 7th November 2019

Location: London


The course typically costs €1,995.

Course Benefits

  • Improve customer service and player retention by effectively training and managing staff
  • Enhance profitability and player engagement by delivering the right gaming mix
  • Improve gaming floor performance effectively managing staff levels and customer service
  • Operate at maximum profit margins by utilising segmented pricing and adapting games to the customer profile
  • Improve your knowledge of game mathematics to take the mystery out of Table Game maths
  • Harness your Table Games marketing through efficient utilisation of tournaments and promotions
  • Protect your revenue through understanding the full realm of risks to your operations and how to plan against them


Complete floor layout and guides
Daily and annual table games operations reports
Player profiling guide to cater casinos to customers
Thorough casino table games management guide