Sportsbook Management Academy

The Sportsbook Management Academy is crafted to guide you through the key “do’s and don’ts” of creating a profitable sportsbook operation, from operating models and licensing options, through to customer acquisition, segmentation, trading and business intelligence.

Over three comprehensive days, you will learn about each component of operating a sportsbook, and how to hone them to create a streamlined and profitable operation. You’ll also consider the future outlook for sportsbooks, and how you can stay ahead of your rivals in an increasingly competitive environment.

For the full details on the course, please download the agenda using the link above.


Course dates:

24th - 26th September 2019

Location: London


The course typically costs €2,995.

Course Benefits

• Reduce risk and save time and money by discovering which models, platforms and services you should implement in your sportsbook

• Understand current and future market trends to improve your offering, whilst protecting and enhancing your revenues

• Deepen your knowledge of bookmaking principles to enable you to offer attractive, competitive odds whilst safeguarding margin

• Learn which marketing strategies to adopt to acquire the right customers for your operation

• Reduce churn by developing your understanding of tactics to deploy to increase loyalty and retain customers

• Discover how to analyse your business data to help you accurately plan, measure and monitor results and foster continuous improvement in your sportsbook

• Assess and evaluate future opportunities and potential threats to your operation in order to make decisions that future-proof your business 


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