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Ted Hartwell

Ted Hartwell

Associate Research Scientist/Problem Gambling-Responsible Gaming Trainer
Mr. Hartwell has been a research scientist on the faculty of the Desert Research Institute of the Nevada System of Higher Education in Las Vegas since 1991.  He has served for many years as a consultant to the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling as well as to the gaming industry in the areas of problem gambling and responsible gaming.  He is a regular guest lecturer on these subjects for UNLV’s Boyd School of Law, the Department of Hospitality and Department of Social Work, as well as the University of Utah’s Gaming Regulation class.  He is also the Principal Investigator of a research study in Nevada examining the impact of problem gambling in Indian Country, while providing community outreach to tribal members, training for clinical staff, and connectivity to resources for these communities.  A problem gambler in long-term recovery himself, Mr. Hartwell promotes awareness, prevention, and treatment of problem gambling in southern Nevada and internationally, and he has recently developed a gambling awareness module designed for high school student-athletes who hope to play at the collegiate level, and one for student-gamers and their parents discussing video game disorder.  He has served on the Advisory Committee on Problem Gambling at the pleasure of multiple Nevada Governors since 2012, and he was the 2014 Shannon L. Bybee Award recipient for his continuing work on advocacy, outreach, and research on the issue of problem gambling.

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