Slot Academy

The Slot Academy is an intensive training course for gaming management proven to improve the efficiency and profitability of the gaming floor. The course takes an in-depth look into machine meters, pay table calculations, TQM, performance analysis and considers each of the different player profiles and how you can better fulfil your visitor’s expectations through the gaming environment, promotions and floor layout. The Slot Academy has trained leading gaming brands globally and is a well renowned course.

Each Slot Academy is tailored to the market and requirements of the attendees.


Course dates:

17th - 19th September 2019

Location: Leiden


21st - 23rd January 2020

Location: Leiden


The course typically costs €1,995.

*UNR Slot Academy courses cost $2800.

Course Benefits

• Ability to instantly enhance the player experience through the gaming environment, resulting in more time in the establishment by the player

• Create floor management plans that can be implemented into current casino floors immediately

• Learn mathematical slot machine knowledge to truly understand how slot machines operate

• Address SAS Protocols head on to embrace and comprehend all definitions and formulas, with real case studies, applicable to your gaming environment

• Learning pitfalls and how to create early warning systems to reduce and end fraud

• Fully accredited through the University of Reno, with all participants receiving a certificate and credits towards the gaming management series at the end of the course


Slot Academy
Complete floor layout plan guides
Slot Academy
Thorough casino slot management guide
Slot Academy
Implement practices to increase ROI immediately
Slot Academy
Profiling customers players to cater to their needs