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01 Oct 2019

Affiliate Management Academy


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The new format for the Affiliate Management Academy identifies with the iGaming affiliate industry’s changing dimensions and the professionals’ evolving place within it. From 2019 onwards, we will host three individual courses designed to identify with an iGaming affiliate marketer’s experience and map the path of their learning and development and nurture their expertise throughout their career.


Introduction to Affiliate Management

(for Affiliate Assistant, Affiliate Executive, Affiliate Coordinator, Junior Affiliate Manager, Affiliates)

Get familiar with the basics of affiliate marketing, what makes it special, and how you can improve in your role to make sure you deliver the results. During this course you will learn the foundations and facets of each aspect of affiliate management roles and the relationships that exist in your business and with your affiliates. You will also discover how to discover your personal strengths and where improvements can be made to grow overall performance, together with learning tips for time management and 'firefighting'.

The sessions during the course include:

  • What Makes a Good Affiliate Manager? What Makes a Good Affiliate?
  • Doing Deals and Making Them Work
  • Personal Development and Career Progression

Course dates: 1 October, Malta

Course cost: €995


Advanced Affiliate Management

(for Affiliate Manager, Senior Affiliate Manager, Key Account Manager)

Managing a team brings its own challenges to any affiliate manager role. Brush up your skills on developing your team and making it matter within the bigger picture. During this course you will deep-dive in to the art and science of deal making, focus on building profitability and suitable partnerships, and nurturing an environment that will satisfy the numerous stakeholders who both impact and who are impacted by the work you do. You will also explore your own pathway to successfully build and manage a team around you.

The sessions during the course include:

  • Achieving Sustainable Growth through Segmentation

  • The Affiliate and Operator Ecosystem Analysed

  • Personal Development, Role within a Business, and Continued Career Progression

Course dates: 2 October, Malta

Course cost: €1,095


Affiliate Programme Strategy

(for Head of Affiliates, Affiliate Director, Head of Acquisition, Acquisition Director, CMO, Marketing Director)

The view from the top offers visibility across a number of business functions but also presents its own risk. You need to be able to face the changes within the industry and keep your affiliate teams and their skills fresh, whilst tackling the issues of the wider industry. During this course you will focus on the long-term growth of your affiliate team, the strategy, and budgeting, together with the current and evolving rules around compliance. You will also assess how the affiliate channel fits the constantly evolving marketplace and the likely barriers to overcome and opportunities to consider.

The sessions during the course include:

  • Affiliate Budgeting and Long-Term Strategy Planning
  • Deep Dive – The Future of Affiliate Marketing in iGaming
  • International Regulation, Strategic Compliance, and Social Responsibility

Course dates: 3 October, Malta

Course cost: €1,245


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