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Practical KYC


Do you understand who your customers are?It is vital that companies are able to ask and answer this question on an ongoing basis to ensure that they provide the best service but also manage risks. By understanding who your customer is will enable you to provide the best service but also to manage your risks

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Our exclusive and comprehensive Practical KYC training course will cover all the ins and outs of the processes to follow, the procedures to implement, the obligations you have in the identification and authentication of your customers.

  • Understanding who is your customer
  • Legal and regulatory requirements in relation to customer authentication.
  • Current verification methods available for customer identification and verification.
  • Security in relation to customer data and documentation.
  • Operational processes required for handling processes and documentation during customer validation.
  • Analysis and elaboration of the KYC process.
  • Anti- Money Laundering / Combating the financing of terrorism requirements
  • Practical tips in day-to-day documentation assessment.
  • ISO standards


Course dates:

This course is currently available as elearning version.

Face to face version of this course typically costs €300.


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