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Making Your Slot Customers' Visits Enjoyable


This one-day training is designed to educate Slot Attendants in the art of creating memorable guest experiences.

Slot Attendants make the difference in the slots department. Although aspects of the Extended Marketing Mix for service industry (product, physical environment, promotion
etc.) all play part in the customer experience, it’s the Slot Attendants who influence most which customer will return and who won’t.

Slot Attendants who understand that paying out a jackpot or cancelled credits is more about creating memorable moments than just carrying money from the cash desk to the player. They actively influence the likelihood of the player preferring the casino over the competitors.

Slot Attendants also need to understand that what makes a moment memorable for one type of player, might upset another type of player. Understanding player profiles is key in being able to create the memorable moments.

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This course is best executed in an in-house training environment, with groups of maximum 10 delegates to keep the workshop interactive. Please get in touch with Adam for a consultation.


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What will you learn?

One type of casino visitor does not exist. Different categories of casino visitors visit for completely different reasons. There are those who want to try something new, those who want to be entertained, those who seek a social escape and those who wish to gamble.

What makes a visit memorable for these various types of visitor groups is quite different, sometimes even opposite of what others expect. Understanding the expectations and motivations of the visitors will help in being able to deliver memorable experiences.


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