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Slot Academy: It's All About TQM

This one-day training is designed to educate casino managers in the art of building and maintaining a Total Quality Management (TQM) System for slot departments.

It helps delegates to set goals and design Standard Operating Procedures that prove these goals are met. Can you prove you have maximised the results? Can you prove you understand how different Player Groups have different expectations and that you act upon those requirements? Do you agree there is a relationship between staff motivation and bottom-line earnings, and if you do, can you prove your staff is motivated? Those and many more critical activities for the slot department need to be monitored. Using the ISO approach to developing TQM systems, delegates learn to ask themselves the right questions.

The course typically costs €995.


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What will you learn?

All casinos use Standard Operating Procedures. Only a few Casinos use these documents to prove their goals are being met. SOPs typically explain how we do things, however often the question why we execute critical activities is much harder to answer.

What are critical activities? How does the slot management business process look? Do you know whose responsibility each critical activity within the process belongs to within the organisation? TQM is a way of thinking. It starts with setting clear goals and subsequently executing critical activities to prove that these goals are being met. It also includes implementing corrective action when needed.

The course typically costs €995.



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With our in-house training option, our expert trainer can come to you, tailor the programme to suit your business, whilst you can save up to 30% per head on travel, accommodation, and other costs. Find out more here

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