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26 Nov 2019

Casino Protection


Land Based Gaming Management

The risk of theft and fraud is a reality of life in the gaming sector, so it's vital that the modern casino considers the reality of the risk and mitigates it.

The Casino Protection course is for anyone who would like to understand more about the internal and external threats of fraud and theft facing the modern casino business and what can be done to recognise and mitigate against these threats.

The course offers input from an experienced practitioner who uses case studies and activities to bring the subject to life. For example, we will consider what the 'threat vectors' might be before considering how policies and procedures can be developed to improve security. We will also consider how to develop an anti-fraud ethos in the organisation.


The course typically costs €1,995.


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Course dates:

26-27 November, London

What will you learn?

  • Describe the typical threats and mitigation strategies
  • Analyse and list threats and mitigation strategies relevant to your own organisation
  • Brief others in your organisation on the business case for improvements
  • Action planned changes to your establishment's policies and practices

The course typically costs €1,995.


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