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Casino Marketing

The marketing department has to become a business unit with a sense of investment versus return. How do you change something that has become a staple of the industry? Do you really know the true value of a player? Do you know what the measurable change in behaviour on the casino floor has to be in order to warrant a car prize? Your marketing needs to lead to a ROI.

For marketing department s to take their work to the next level, social responsibility os essential and is definitely the buzzword right now. The biggest challenge is to be a brand which is truly involved in society - giving something back is well orchestrated is the backbone of a great campaign and necessary to push your brand and operation further.


The course typically costs €1,995.


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What will you learn?

  • Recognise your casino guests and their expectations - understand your customer
  • Put strategic marketing planning into practice in the casino - classic principles applied to gaming
  • Calculate ROI on promotions before creating them - measure the impact
  • Plan and brief a promotion
  • Build and grow your brand in a socially responsible way
  • Define the role of marketing in encouraging Responsible gaming - supporting the customer and helping to develop the organisation's brand
  • Understand the value of a player and learn to budget targeted promotions - not spending more than you earn on each type of player
  • Understand the hows and whys of a loyalty programme - it's all about the numbers

The course typically costs €1,995.


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