Anti Money Laundering Academy

The Anti Money Laundering Academy, designed in conjunction with Spectrum Gaming, will provide you with detailed knowledge of upcoming regulation changes and how to directly implement key AML practises and reporting systems into your operations as well as enhance your understanding of key Governmental agencies and directives, including FinCEN. Over an intensive two days, the Anti Money Laundering Academy will boost your knowledge of KYC, risk assessments, CTR, suspicious activity reporting and record keeping as well as the proactive measures you can take to avoid legal and regulatory problems. All attendees will come away with a Risk Assessment and Compliance Plan.



The course typically lasts 2 days and is €2000.

Course Benefits

• Ability to integrate skeleton AML programme into your current business practices

• Addresses online to offline crossover and how to ensure KYC is being completed across all practices

• Covers global AML directies and regulations, focusing on the classes’ background.

• Complete overall guide to ensuring all practices are safeguarded in 2016.

• Clear guide for employee responsibilities from executive management to front line employees.

• Learn how to test your programme periodically to ensure it is up to date.


Clear understanding of upcoming regulations affecting casino and online practices
Indepth understanding of risk assessments creation and mitigating controls
Skeleton AML programme for your business, incorporating all topics covered in the course
Knowledge of when to flag suspicious activity and what are the 'red flags' to look for.