Sports Betting Academy

The Sports Betting Academy is an intensive three day training course for sports betting professionals wanting to expand their knowledge and boost margins in this highly competitive industry. The Sports Betting Academy teaches vital compiling, modelling and probability strategies to ensure the accuracy and reliability of odds and empower you with the expertise and confidence to deliver solid margins. All delegates receive the trainer’s own Cash Out Simulator, ELO Rating Model, Multi-Purpose Simulator and BT Rating Model.

Gain fresh understanding of sports betting methods, to elevate your career in sports betting and drastically improve revenue margins of sports betting businesses. The course typically takes place over 3 days and is priced at £1750.

Course Benefits

• The ability to create new strategies to complement existing working practises in your business

• Walking away with in-depth knowledge of the key mathematic principals of bookmaking

• Learning the best practises to increase margins

• Leave with an understanding of classical, experimental and subjective ideas of probability

• The ability to analyse how to estimate probabilistic outcomes of sporting events

• Learn how to evaluate data to produce methods of calculating meaningful probability

• Learn how to compare competition to produce efficient prices

• The ability to examine sports models to understand how data is manipulated


Sports Betting Academy
In-depth knowledge of key mathematic principals
Sports Betting Academy
Ability to estimate probabilistic outcomes of sporting events and calculate meaningful probability from evaluation of data
Sports Betting Academy
Equip staff with the key skills that will help them to develop a career in the sports betting industry
Sports Betting Academy
Enable staff to understand and question the probity of 3rd party supplier feeds