Slot Academy

The Slot Academy is an intensive four day training course for gaming management proven to improve the efficiency and profitability of the gaming floor. The course takes an in-depth look into machine meters, pay table calculations, TQM, performance analysis and considers each of the different player profiles and how you can better fulfil your visitor’s expectations through the gaming environment, promotions and floor layout. The Slot Academy has trained leading gaming brands globally and is a well renowned course.

Each Slot Academy is tailored to the market and requirements of the attendees and typically takes place over 4 days. The cost of the course is 1750.*UNR Slot Academy courses cost $2800.

Course Benefits

The topics covered within the Slot Academy training course are:

Slot Machine Meters According to SAS Protocol

Introducing machine meters. Throughout the course, the meterset will be expanded and attendees will do calculations to get comfortable with the definitions and formulas.

Player Profiling

Discussing the different profiles of visitors to the casino, land based or online, and the expectations of these different player profiles on product, price, promotions, placement, physical environment, personnel and process management.

Slot Machine Myth and Math

Product expectations for the various types of casino visitors in relation to the mathematical model of the games. Mathematical models will be explained.

Pay Table Calculations

Attendees calculate the theoretical return percentage from sample pay-tables

Progressive and Mystery Jackpot Management

What are the expectations of the different types of casino visitors regarding the use of mystery and progressive prizes? How to use progressive prizes, mystery prizes and other promotions to fulfill their expectations according to visitor profiles.

Floor Layout Management

Different types of players have different expectations of the physical environment and the layout of the slot floor, this module teaches how to create a floor that fulfills the expectations of different types of casino visitor profiles.

TQM and Training of Staff

How to build and maintain a total quality management system (making sure standard operating procedures are being executed to prove the goals of the mission statement are being met) and how to train slot department staff.

Performance Analysis of Slot Results

Presentation on performance analysis of slots results. What are the key performance indicators? Understanding how to analyse the popularity, probability and efficiency of the slots floor.



Course benefits:

• Ability to instantly enhance the player experience through the gaming environment, resulting in more time in the establishment by the player

• Create floor management plans that can be implemented into current casino floors immediately

• Learn mathematical slot machine knowledge to truly understand how slot machines operate

• Address SAS Protocols head on to embrace and comprehend all definitions and formulas, with real case studies, applicable to your gaming environment

• Learning pitfalls and how to create early warning systems to reduce and end fraud

• Fully accredited through the University of Reno, with all participants receiving a certificate and credits towards the gaming management series at the end of the course


Slot Academy
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Slot Academy
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Slot Academy
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Slot Academy
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