Digital Transformation Academy

Course fee:  £3,500 + VAT (incl. training materials, lunch & coffee breaks)*

What is "Digital Transformation?"
Whilst companies have been experiencing digital transformation since the online gambling industry was born, new technology is revolutionising the gaming industry with a pace of change unlike anything we've seen before. 

The Digital Transformation Academy is designed to educate decision makers about emerging technologies which will have a significant impact on businesses, and how to roadmap these into the business plan and exploit the opportunity they bring. The Totally Gaming Academy and GamCrowd have joined forces to equip the gaming industry with the insight needed to ensure businesses are conscious, equipped and prepared for the technology revolution. 

Insight into key tech trends which are impacting the gambling industry and how to roadmap and prepare for them. Guest speakers include:

  • Dr Tom Hesteline, Chief Executive Officer, Aurora
  • Dr Hans Lombardo, Co-founder & Head of Marketing & Comms, Chain of Things
  • Dr Rob Phaal, Principle Research Associate, Cambridge University
  • Marcus Warehan, Digital Transformation expert and ex Operator, GamCrowd
  • Ian Hogg, Founding Shareholder & Chairman, GamCrowd
  • Michael Berns, FinTech and Regulatory Expert, Consultant
  • Kevin Williams, VR and AR Expert, Consultant

If you would like to find out more or speak to a member of the team please use the follwing contact information:

General Enquiries

Elspeth Brown
+44 (0)20 7384 7805

Marketing Enquiries

Heidi Rasanen
+44 (0)20 7384 7992

Booking Enquiries

Adam Roebuck
+34 662 04 66 89

Course Benefits

•Improve organisational agility by improving the organisation’s capability and capacity to deal with change

•Integrate technological considerations into business strategy and long-range planning processes through our road mapping process

•Understand the value of technology investments, and how to communicate this to your wider business

•Understand which technologies create the most opportunity for your business and which present the greatest risk

•Improve your knowledge of the impact these technologies have on the gambling industry, and how this can be harnessed to benefit your business

•Learn how effective planning and early adoption can ensure you not only stay ahead of competitors, but grow your business simultaneously

•Learn how to strategise each technology to your specific business needs to ensure you adopt the right technologies


Digital Transformation Academy Key Takeaway
In Depth Technology Guide
Digital Transformation Academy Key Takeaway
Technology Implementation Plan
Digital Transformation Academy Key Takeaway
Roadmapping and Landscape Templates for each technology
Digital Transformation Academy Key Takeaway
All Course Materials